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Monday, February 23, 2009

uTorrent's Parentheses (Brackets) Explained

When using uTorrent, one of my colleagues at work was asking me exactly what the numbers in parentheses (Brackets) meant in seeders/leechers, for example: Seeds 0(104) Peers 93(663)?

The first number, 0, is the amount of seeds you're connected to.
The number in parentheses, 104, is the amount of seeds in the swarm.

The first number, 93, is the amount of peers (leechers) you're connected to.
The number in parentheses, 663, is the amount of peers (leechers) in the swarm.

Swarm is the number of peers/seeds connected to the torrent.
Seed is a peer who has completed the file and are uploading to other peers.
Leecher has become a term for peers that haven't yet finished downloading the torrent.

Extra info:
The number in parentheses is the total number of seeders/leechers in the swarm. uTorrent limits the total number of peers per torrent to 50, so you will never be connected to more than 50 seeds/leeches on one torrent. There could be thousands of peers in the entire swarm, however.

Note that sometimes, the tracker reports an incorrect number of seeds/leeches. When this happens, the number in parentheses may be ridulously high, even though there are not very many peers in the swarm. There is one tracker, for instance that reports the total number of seeds/leeches that have *ever* been on a torrent since the time it was created. This means that you could be downloading a torrent that was created two years ago that only has 5 seeds and 10 leeches currently, but the numbers in the parentheses would say something like (10000).

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