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Friday, February 20, 2009

Feed my Torrents Gone? -

Ive started dowloading most of my torrents using Feed My Torrents at, it was pretty handy as I could just choose which tv shows I wanted to download using RSS links on the website. I had uTorrent setup to automatically download new shows as soon as they were released on the net. I just noticed today that the site was down though, hopefully it hasnt been shut down....

Update (19/02/09) - Ok now the site's back up again...
Update (17/07/09) - It appears to have gone down a month or two ago, and is still down...don't think it's coming back this time.
Update (22/07/09) - I just found some more info, it appears a reporter from the Sydney Morning Herald has called their host up and the site has been shut down due to the possibility of 3 things:
1. the site was shut down due to hosting costs.
2. the site was shut down due to a nasty letter from the copyright police.
3. the site was shut down due to fear of a nasty letter from the copyright police.


  1. I think it's down for real now :(
    I cant get to the site at all now, seems like the DNS doesn't even exist for it anymore. Strangely, Google Reader still pulls up the feeds (might just be old cached ones)

  2. Yeah, I noticed the same thing about the same time too. Looks like the copyright nazi's scared the small time website into shutting down with threats of law suits...ahh such a shame, ill have to do it all manually again.