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Monday, December 22, 2008

Xbox 360 - GOW2 & Left 4 Dead

I spent the weekend playing Gears of War 2 and Left 4 Dead with some mates, GOW2 is an old favourite and I just purchased Left 4 Dead last week. L4D is absolutely hectic, I played it with another friend online against some random people on Xbox Live - It starts off with the 4 of us walkking through a forest or a city somewhere and within a minute we are surrounded by swarms of zombies. All we are doing is yelling and shooting everything in sight, including our own team mates..once the immediate zombies are dead and the adrenalin is wearing off we all are having a good laugh and chatting about how crazy that just was. The whole game is like that which is pretty intense after a few hours - but hell fun. I wanted to grab another copy so we could system link up and play against another 2 players at home, so we went to 5 different video stores around town but not one of them had a single copy of it to even rent out.
We followed that up with a 5 player system link match of Halo 3, always good for a laugh as well, i totally suck at that game - always coming in the bottom 2 players hahaha.

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