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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guide: How to Create and Change SMS Tones on a Jailbroken iPhone

What you need:

* A jailbroken iphone. See my How to Guide for Jailbreaking the iPhone for Firmware Version 3.1.2 here.

* Use IphoneBrowser v1.93* or Winscp to view the file structure of your iPhone.

*Important Blackra1n note:
-Blackra1n does not create the afc2 service needed by iPhoneBrowser.
-Install the afc2add program by searching in ‘Rock’ to add the service.

* Download these pre-made iPhone SMS tone sets (Approx 80Mb). You can rearrange the sounds and rename the top folder name (e.g. SMSTones1 to SMS1) anyway you like, as long as the file name of the UISounds folder and the file names within remain exactly the same.

* iTunes (For Creating SMS tones – converting tool).

Change the factory SMS Tones:

1. Using IphoneBrowser or Winscp, copy the SMS tone sets into the following folder in your Jailbroken iphone:

Var > Stash > Themes

2. Now activate just one of these new SMS Tone Themes in Winterboard.

3. Exit Winterboard (Wait for respring) and now choose the SMS tone you want on your iphone from:

Settings > Sounds > New Text Message

The tone names will still be the same (but with different sounds) – and the files will still be called:

sms-received1.caf - Tri-tone
sms-received2.caf - Chime
sms-received3.caf - Glass
sms-received4.caf - Horn
sms-received5.caf - Bell
sms-received6.caf - Electronic

Create your own SMS Tones:

If you want to create your own .caf SMS tones to add into the Themes folder:

Using iTunes:

1. Edit > Preferences > Import Settings Button >

2. Change from AAC Encoder to AIFF Encoder

Now go to explorer and simply rename the .AIFF extension of the song to .CAF and you can now rename it to fit into the UISounds folder as above (remember you must use the factory file names for the SMS tones to be read by the iphone).

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