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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

iPhone Firmware Update 3.0!

I've just heard of the latest updates to the iPhone 3G:

-Subscription Applications.
-Premium Content within apps.
-Multiplayer with auto discovery in games. No pairing, all done through BT.
-Developers can now make apps that talk directly to accessories.
-Developers can now make Turn by Turn Navigation apps.
-Embeddable Maps
-No Background processes. Except for PUSH notification :) (Running on third party servers)
-New APIs in app email, ipod library accessing, streaming audio and video (this might help to stop people from having to hack their ipods).
-New Battery APIs, and built in video chat support.
-Cut, Copy, and Paste (Shake to undo and redo - works across all apps)
-Lanscape support for all defult applications.
-SMS to Forward/Delete messages.
-MMS (One app to send Contacts, Audio files and location)
-Voice Memo App (record, Trim, Share)
-New Calendar CalDAV (Shared protocol between google and other popular online calender services)
-Stocks update (News stories/headlines in the app)
-Search Updates (To all key apps inc Inbox, from, to, all, calendar, library, notes)
-New Home Screen (Spotlight - Search box at the top, results in the middle, static icon row still at the bottom)
-New Features - Notes Sync, Parental Controls, AutoFill, Anti-Phishing, Stereo Bluetooth, YouTube Accounts, Shake to Stuff.
-Create Meeting Invitations

Can't wait to get this latest update on my iPhone.

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