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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gears of War 2

Well now that christmas holidays are over I can reflect on everything I got up to. Xbox, beer, Xbox. Probably the most time ive actually spent playing the thing. I finally got to finish a couple of games, Gears of War 2, Guitar Hero 3 (On easy - oh yes it was easy) and then managed to get stuck playing Bioshock..i probably should have played it on easy instead of medium...then i might have clocked that too. I was given another copy of Bioshock for christmas, now i just need some more friends to play some multiplayer with me...otherwise i should probably sell it on ebay.

Gears of War 2 is awesome. I especially love how when you zoom in the focus shifts from object to object giving it a sense of reality.
Gears of War 2 is a tactical third-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game StudiosIn Gears of War 2, the Locust (The alien? scum) have found a way to make giant emergence holes capable of sinking entire cities at once. Marcus Fenix and the rest of the COG Delta Squad are now drilling underground to "take the fight to the Locust."

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