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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Iphone 3G Ipower

My new iPhone 3G Ipower turned up in the mail from the states yesterday. The battery life on the iPhone 3G is pretty bad, i can only get around 8 hours of use out of it, but using the Ipower I can plug my phone into it and double the usage of it. It should be good for the next time I have to fly anywhere or go away for the weekend as I wont have to worry about trying to find another power point behind the games machines at the airport...

Extra Juice for your iPhone
Apps and network access sucking up your battery life on your 3G iPhone faster than a hungry vampire? Double your battery life by docking your iPhone in this portable charger. Yep, you add a bit of thickness but you gain hours more time for essential iphone gaming. Simply connect to USB to charge, then insert your iPhone... the case like design protects your phone while it powers up. The built in speaker boosts the volume level of your tunes. Now you can use the cowbell app to your heart's content with no fear of running out of juice when your mum calls.

Important Note - Only for iPhone 3G

Product Features
  • Power up your iPhone with this portable case-like charger
  • More than doubles the battery life of your iPhone 
  • Protects your phone and gives it extra juice 
  • Built in speaker boosts the volume level of your iPhone 
  • Hole in back allows use of camera 
  • For iPhone 3G only! Will not work on the original iPhone
Product Specifications
  • Capacity: 2400mAh 
  • Charging Time: ~3hrs 
  • Discharging time (to iPhone): ~3hrs 
  • Power of amplifier speaker: <1.5w 
  • Input Voltage: 4.8 ~ 5.5V 
  • Current input: 500-1000mA 
  • Output Voltage: 5.0 ~ 5.5V 
  • Current output: 100-1000mA 
  • Quiescent power drain: <50ua 
  • Weight: 93g

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