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Friday, December 19, 2008

Google Chrome

Ive been using the Google Chrome browser for a while now and i've found I can't go back to using IE or Firefox as they're far too slow. I'm loving the startup page which is similar to an addon I was using in Firefox (Speed Dial) which displays the most used websites so i can quickly view then click on the sites I want to go too. It's made perusing the web so much faster than the other traditional methods.

In the beginning there were a few bugs, some websites weren't displaying correctly, but that seems to be resolved now and another annoying bug was adobe flash player wasnt up to date for chrome, (I did find a work around for that by googling the problem but it was annoying to have to solve this issue on every pc I installed Chrome on) but that has also now been corrected with a new adobe version. Im still waiting for the add-ons for chrome, in particular I want Cooliris to be available for chrome as it makes scanning for pictures so quick and easy on the net, especially google image search.

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