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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to upload and read .pdf, .doc & .lit ebooks on iPhone using Stanza.

I’ve found the best free app to upload my own ebooks is LexCycle Stanza.

First install Stanza on your iPhone/iPodtouch, and then install Stanza Desktop on your PC (52MB) or MAC. Stanza Desktop is a desktop application used for reading ebooks (.pdf, .doc, .lit, .rtf, .txt, .azw, see all Supported Formats).

Now open Stanza and open an ebook file by going to “File” and go down to “Open File…” and browse through the directories of your computer for the ebook. Click “Open” to finish.

I have found that .lit files are the best for this as they provide book title information and a picture of the cover.


Now that the ebook has loaded go to “Tools” and make sure “Enable Sharing” is checked.


So now we launch Stanza on the iPhone/iPodtouch that’s connected to the same network as your computer. Note that you will have to be connected through a Wireless connection, see here for how to setup an adhoc Wireless network. As I have a jailbroken phone, I am using the MyWi App to create a WiFi Hotspot to connect my iPhone to my PC.

Now in the “Library” menu hit “Shared Books” and give it a few seconds to connect to your network. Now your computer name should be on the screen; mine says “derby”, click on your computer name and give it another few seconds to scan.

Windows will ask if you want to allow a connection between the two devices. After you’ve allowed the connection the ebook should appear on the iPhone/iPodtouch.

Click on the ebook and will get the option to “Download” to your device.

You can now view your titles via Cover Flow by opening the “Titles” section and tilting your device to the side.

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