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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to Jailbreak iPhone 3.0.1 guide

Just completed jailbreaking my iPhone with firmware update 3.0.1 using redsn0w 0.8. I have created a pdf document with steps that I used:

How to Jailbreak iPhone Firmware 3.0.1

As well as Cydia, you can install Icy. What is icy?

On the first gen iPhone, the source for 3rd party apps was through Installer (also known as AppTapp). Now, with the iPhone 3G, Installer has taken a backseat to Cydia, which is the best place to download apps for jailbroken phone.

Introducing ICY:

The people that created the original Installer have recently brought out Icy, which essentially is Cydia but a lot easier to use. Icy is RipDev’s take on Cydia, with no more long wait times, and hopefully this is the future of installing/removing 3rd party apps.

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