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Friday, July 17, 2009

Windows 7 RC

So far i’ve installed Windows 7 RC on 3 pcs at home. My main pc, a test pc i’m building as a media centre pc for my new house, and a friends pc which is identical to the test pc I have (he did give that one to me).

The installation was so quick and easy, 20mins install approximately, and it was able to load up nearly all drivers for legacy cards etc during setup. That was one of the problems I expected to encounter but was pleasantly surprised that everything was working fine. The only issue I am having at the moment is trying to network the pcs to each other. The instructions seem very easy and yet I still cant get two of the Windows 7 machines to see each other, let alone any of the other Vista or XP machines we have on the network at home.

I’m keen to get this issue sorted so I can add my Xbox 360 to the network and stream my movies and TV shows all around the house to my TVs and projector. Its annoying having to transfer movies across each time I want to watch something using a USB stick.

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